This is a benefit campaign being carried out by American / French artist, musician and author, Serena Toxicat. Her beloved chausie cat has cancer, and the costs of treating this disease have left her in a difficult economic situation that may soon compromise her ability to pay Selket’s vet bills. Serena’s music community and fellow artists moved by this news have volunteered to contribute songs for a varied and multilingual digital compilation that can be purchased on Bandcamp at 11:11 (PDT) today, and which is projected to be published on CD soon. (Stay tuned for this development at and

This ultra-talented gathering of musicians from all over the world include Kasa de Orates, Protea, Gitane Demone, Galaxy Chamber and Sky Saxon, Paul Mercer and many more contributors, who are posted below.

The 20-track list is as follows:

Elena Prokopenko – Tablets of a Sleep ~ Ebb and Flow
STARCHASM – Sekhmet for Selket
Sylphides & Kasa de Orates – Dual
Amanda Chaudhary – Ragged Claws Hidden Seas
OVK feat. Serena Toxicat – Selket
Douglas Craig – Purr
Kasa De Orates // Serena Toxicat – Your Tail
Protea – Погладь кота, сука!
Paul Mercer – Waking He Who Purrs
Stagefright – Sweetest Compassion
Gitane Demone & Ivan X – Moon Without a Tear
Run-On Sunshine – Cat’s What Breaks the Heart
Omewenne – Sirens Are Weeping
Galaxy Chamber and Sky Saxon – Save the Big Kats
Serena Toxicat & Kasa de Orates – Chat Ira
Antidolby – oM∆v3∆z†
One Infinite Loop – Otocolobit
ben i sabbah – Isis Siamese Karma Mix IV
Tribal Snake – Lala Kami
Static Reflex – L’amour Fou du Chat EtrangerTo go help Serena:

Bandcamp link:



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